Sweets, anyone?

I have a sweet tooth and that always pushes me to crave for sweets.  But, who could resist the scrumptious creaminess of deliciously baked tarts topped with sliced fresh fruits that slowly melt in your mouth, the mouth watering cake that becomes a head turner for sweets lovers, and the chocolaty muffin or croissant that is a perfect pair for a cup of coffee? Seeing is inviting, but indulging is even more rewarding. We have visited the Blue Lagoon Cafe in Holiday Inn Halfmoon Bay and got a taste of their pastries.

Tarts. This is by far my favorite in the cafe’s list. The crust is melting in the mouth and the filling topped with fresh fruits is no doubt delicious.

Cakes. This sweet baked dessert is almost anyone’s favorite. When we visited the cafe, it only has two cakes available. But  a slice of it  couldn’t suffice our craving that in turn forced us to get another one.

Muffin and Croissant. Coffee has brought us back to the cafe and we found the perfect match of our steaming hot coffee in choco muffin and plain croissant.

Dessert makes the meal complete as they say which I agree. While each may have his own preference, tarts and cakes for me are simply the best.


The Lion Rock of Sigiriya

In the list of my visit to Sri Lanka is to reach the top of one of the country’s ancient ruins, the remnants of a 5th century royal rock fortress known as the Lion Rock located in Sigiriya. Included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list, the Lion Rock is not just a piece of rock but it has a lot of stories to tell. Entrance fee to go up the fortress and to explore the complex is USD 30 (around LKR 3,900).

the inception…


I was surfing the net one lazy afternoon  taking a break from my  usual office work when I saw these blogs that  made me gasped for admiration and  wishing that one day I could also have my own.  Inspired by those and with a thought that blogging could also be a good remedy for the dreary office daily routine, I started creating my own. And now here I am…

Certainly this blog isnt that marvelous, but I am pretty sure this will be self rewarding and entertaining (at least for me).

As it will be mainly about travel experiences, this blog would narrate the stories about fun and adventure in and outside of my zone.  I may also add stories on meeting people from all walks of life, also perhaps about food, and anything that would temporarily help me keep away from the doddering colleagues for a moment and most especially to ease the boredom.

Let it begin…