Reunited in Baras

When friends are reunited after not seeing for a year, the rendezvous brings fun. It becomes pleasantly entertaining especially when two opposing beliefs clash over a certain topic that seems a matter of life and death. And with bottles of red horse gulped slowly the debate heats up becoming more intense yet actually hilarious. No one retreats and wants to surrender. But expectedly for a friendly discussion like this, it always turned out well especially after alcohol subsides and after being realized that it actually does not worth spending much of the time as the topic debated upon is hard to reconcile. Nevertheless it is all about fun amidst the silence in Baras Beach Resort.

Who would expect that they will look like these during the course. These photos paint thousand words.

The four of us, June, SA, Dulah and I, took a time out for a trip to Baras Beach Resort in Guimaras island. Baras is secluded and the best way to reach the resort is by boat. You can take the boat bound to Alubihod, Guimaras from Iloilo city- Ortiz wharf for Php 100. Another way is to cross to Jordan from the same wharf for a boat fare of Php 12, take a jeep to Alubihod at Jordan wharf and then from Alubihod Raymen’s Resort, you can charter a boat to the resort.

Map of Guimaras taken from googlemap. Baras Beach Resort is at the west side of the island (A).

Iloilo City is sinking. View from our boat on our way to Baras.

The three stooges.

Baras is a good place to spend time to relax because of its peaceful environment, far different from the disarray of urban life. Its idyllic location is certainly what dragging people to stay. But amenities are by far mediocre with some rooms not well maintained. Food choice is limited. Understandably because they need to get the supply from the town. Whatever supply they have, these would be the only available for the day. However, you may bring your own food and have it cooked in their restaurant. Generally though Baras scenery especially the green vegetation and the lagoon that is ideal for snorkeling and kayaking would make your stay worth. Resort management told us that they are doing their best to offer the best possible service to its guests. I heard that several improvements will be made for the ensuing years.

The beach front of Baras resort.

Opposite beach front is a stretch of white sand which may serve as resting place after a tiring swim.

A view of entrance to Baras.

A boat on stand by waiting for passengers to ferry back to either Raymen’s resort or Ortiz wharf in Iloilo City.

A group of friends on their way to the opposite side of the beach.

Another boat on standby. Boat like this can be hired for island hopping.

The three of us enjoying the calm lagoon with crystal clear water.

Practice shots while in Baras, not that bad.