Singapore’s Thieves Market

Towering malls in Orchard Road or Chinatown or Little India are not the only places for shopping in Singapore. If you like the adventure of hunting for something worth your money and for a cheaper price, the Thieves’ Market in Larut Road is the best place to visit. It is not a thieves’ rendezvous as you thought of as no thieves are there, but it is a place where vendors hawk their collections of used and old products. Although originally in 1930s, it was a meeting place for looters trading their wares believed to be stolen elsewhere in Singapore. Today, it becomes a new destination for those who want to have a different shopping experience and get a feel of Singapore’s other side.

The market occupies the whole stretch of  Larut Road along Jalan Besar at the side of Weld Road. It is a short walk from Sim Lim Tower or Little India train station. The market starts from 1:00 in the afternoon until 7:00 in the evening.

To get the best find, it is suggested to go the earliest as buyers flock the place and vendors start packing up after 5:00 in the afternoon. The place is disorganized but that what makes it more exciting. Vendors roll out their mats and spread their merchandise ranging from used clothes, shoes, watches, toys, magazines and books, decors, household items, kitchen wares, bags, even old camera lenses, souvenirs among others. Name it and probably they have all for you. Show your haggling skills and you would surely get the best deals.

An afternoon spent in the market got me excited to try out other places in Singapore less frequented by tourists. I did not imagine a Thieves’ Market thriving at the heart of the city.  Singapore indeed is a place that never stops its visitors get fascinated. For sure, there are more to discover in Singapore.